• Jim Thompson and Dallas Have Always Moved Business Into the Future

  • Posted on March 20, 2019
  • Jim Thompson, Dallas

    From Jim Thompson’s perspective, Dallas is home. As such, Jim is dedicated to improving the business climate in his community. With Preston Hollow Capital, Jim Thompson has managed to pursue a two-prong strategy, in which he invests in fixed income credit and also participates in the acquisition of operating companies in such diverse industries as investment banking, asset management, mortgage origination and life sciences sectors.

    Under the leadership of Jim Thompson, Dallas investment professional, Preston Hollow Capital has managed to acquire an impressive and experienced team of professionals. That roster of rock stars includes executive management, structuring, trading, credit and business operations pros. Over time, they have often demonstrated the skill to work together with clients in a way that delivers the best quality experience for everyone. They do their best to ensure that borrowers and their agents have an experience that emphasizes flexibility, speed, and certainty, because those are the factors that make for the best borrowing experience.

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